ROI Consultants

Site Selection

ROI Consultants and Advisors offer comprehensive services for communities and corporations related to the identification, selection, securing and operation of strategic corporate facilities.

ROI prides itself in its unique ability to create opportunities and leverage our experiences to your advantage. We have helped companies of all sizes realize their corporate, manufacturing and retail expansion goals; from privately held entities to many of the fortune 50.

Our corporate services are based on the following beliefs:

1. Businesses that wish to remain competitive must locate their operations and facilities in those locations which will provide them with both strategic and competitive advantages.

2. Corporate facility location is a process offering many opportunities for a company to improve their relative market position, yet one that is also fraught with significant risk if all issues are not adequately considered, addressed and coordinated.

After you determine that a new location will support your strategic objectives, you next must determine the location with characteristics matching your immediate and long-term requirements. Selecting a new location is really a search for the best fit between a company's needs and the attributes of communities considered. Because your final location selection eventually requires an investment decision that will be both highly visible and difficult to reverse, ROI takes great care to ensure that no detail is skipped in the decision making process.

ROI Location Evaluation Model:

  • Allows comparative evaluation of a wide-number of communities
  • Requires communities to meet base-line requirements for consideration
  • Enables changes in location criteria as business objectives changes
  • Integrates financial analysis with operational benefits and risks
  • Provides clear basis for choosing among considered locations

Our approach to consulting is team-oriented. We will work hand-in-hand with your key managers and outside advisors to determine those location factors that are critical, important or desirable. We will utilize continual communication among corporate stakeholders to ensure that all parties are apprised of key facts and developments. However, for purposes of negotiation it is imperative that our clients empower us to serve as the sole voice in relations with governmental bodies or private firms or organizations. Incentives are not the primary factor considered in corporate site selection. Operational and strategic factors always take precedence. However, incentives can and often are the deciding factor. Incentives permit communities to decide which companies they would like to have become a part of their future, and to put a value on how intensely they desire it.

ROI Consultants Site Selection Process:

  • Define locational criteria and identify centroid for search
  • Determine initial list of potential locations
  • Comparative research of potential locations/base-line requirements screen
  • Candidate sites identified, Initial location contact/Incentive availability survey
  • Community visits / Negotiations (real estate, regulatory, utilities, incentives)
  • Contracting (memorialization of agreements, claw-back provisions, etc.)
  • Agreement monitoring / incentives recoupment / compliance