ROI Consultants


ROI Consultants offers Collections and Compliance Management Services designed to track and verify all Governmental regulations and stipulations are satisfied and all allocated incentive funds are collected and credited to your bottom line.

Having a continuum of effort tracking regulatory requirements and grant collections is imperative to successful compliance. Governmental turnover, corporate restructuring, regime and personnel changes within an organization often result in missed reporting dates, insufficient or incomplete recordation of information for document submission and unfulfilled compliance requirements. These inconsistencies result in disputed payments or grant funds simply going uncollected. ROI will be the" constant "required to ensure complete compliance and 100% collection is achieved.

Through the use of our proprietary Compliance Management System ROI Consultants' tax and accounting personnel document and ensure the proper collection of all incentive or catalyst payments and make sure all submission information is complete and contractual deadlines are met. Don't let another dollar go uncollected. With multiple millions currently under collection management ROI will ensure you receive what you worked so hard to negotiate.